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Aug 27

How to Increase the Odds to get Pregnant

odds to get pregnant

Pregnancy Miracle Book can help women to get pregnant also when they have lost any hope to get a baby. However it is well known that the odds of getting pregnant decline with age; they are quite high for women in their early twenties and slowly decline with passing years.

Specific studies have established that the chances to get pregnant are varying with the age in the following way:

  • for ages between early and mid-thirties, the fertility of a woman has lost about 15% of its maximum value
  • for ages between mid to late thirties, a woman has a declined fertility of about 50%
  • for ages between early and mid-forties, the fertility is reduced to about 10% of the initial value

What are the causes of this decline?

It seems that the main causes are due to the quality and quantity of woman’s eggs. Generally, a woman typically produces an egg per month that can be implanted in the uterus and causes pregnancy. In a lifetime this corresponds to nearly four hundred eggs!  At the age of thirty the estrogen production slows down so the uterine and vaginal linings are no longer properly stimulated and pregnancy becomes much more difficult.

What is the influence of the male age?

Also the male age can be a cause of problems in getting pregnant. Studies have found that the probability of causing pregnancy for a man in his late thirties declines by about 40% from the probability during his twenties to mid-thirties.

Some tips to increase the odds to get pregnant

Although the age cannot be changed, there are some suggestions that you can follow to increase the probability to get pregnant:

  • be aware of your fertile time. Usually the most fertile day to get pregnant is just in the middle of your cycle.
  • watch your body temperature; a slight elevation in your body temperature upon awakening each day will signal your most fertile time.
  • follow a healthy lifestyle. This includes a sensible diet, nutritional supplements, adequate quality sleep, managing stress, some exercises and weight management.
  • read carefully Pregnancy Miracle Book and follow the recommended suggestions.

odds to get pregnant

Getting pregnant and having a baby is one of the most beautiful occurrences for every woman and therefore any effort and sacrifice can be justified. Improving your health will increase the odds that you can get pregnant and have a healthy baby.

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